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Our volunteers are the backbone of our mission here at the Danielle House. Volunteers keep the house staffed from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., in 3 hour shifts. A typical shift might include:

  • Greeting guests, answering their questions and taking care of their needs during their stay.
  • Doing light housekeeping for our guests’ comfort and health.
  • Providing maintenance help, such as lawn care, painting, and minor repairs.
  • Providing office support, including answering the phone and taking information from referring medical professionals.
  • Running errands for the house, such as delivering brochures or picking up donated goods.
  • Visiting families in the hospital.

Volunteer groups are also encouraged to give time to the Danielle House.

Volunteer Application

If you would like to be considered for a position as a Danielle House volunteer call us at 607-724-1540.

You may download our volunteer application and send it to us through email, mail it to us or drop it off at our office.

If you would like to submit the form electronically, fill out the form below.

All fields are required so please fill out the entire form.* If a form field is not applicable to you please enter N/A.

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Kindly list two references that we may contact (work associates, friends, prior volunteer sites):

Confidentiality Statement

Volunteers must be able to maintain all information concerning guests and their families in strictest confidence. Although Danielle House is a “Home away from Home”, the volunteer offers no medical advice, opinions, or counseling.

The Policy is therefore:

  • I agree that what happens at Danielle House must stay at Danielle House.
  • I will not discuss specifics of anything involving our guests at Danielle House with anyone.
  • I agree not to mention names or circumstances of our guests and will never discuss confidential matters involving them in public.
  • I will refrain from sharing pictures or personal info about Danielle House guests on social media or internet.
  • Even if asked, I will not give an opinion of area medical facilities or personnel.
  • I have read, understand, and will respect the confidentiality of Danielle House.

I understand that it will be impossible to continue as a volunteer if certain situations arise, such as inappropriate interaction with guests, use of tobacco, alcohol or controlled substances while at Danielle House, breaching the confidentiality guidelines, or failing to maintain proper behavior expected of a volunteer.

I understand that the right of dismissal rests with the Executive Director, should she feel that I am not representing Danielle House as I should.