Our Supporters

There are many ways to support the Danielle House. Monetary contributions are certainly appreciated, as we rely entirely on donations to exist! However, there are other ways to help. Listed below are some of the creative ways generous individuals and organizations have found to support our mission. Maybe some of them will inspire you to find your own special way to contribute!

Thanks to our 2016 Donors!

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Thanks to all the individuals, groups, and organizations that held fundraisers or performed service to support our mission all through the year:

Fran Sheredy

“Can Man” Fran Sheredy

With the dedicated efforts of Fran Sheredy, the Danielle House “Bottle and Can Drive” raised $7,051 during 2016. It is amazing to think that over the past ten years, Fran has been point man for this fundraiser that has donated over $51,000 to Danielle House. To participate, call 237-2728 to make arrangements for pick-up, or drop off bottles/cans at 160 Riverside Drive, Binghamton.

Lourdes Hospital Annual Basket Raffle

Lourdes Hospital Annual Basket Raffle

Danielle House was truly gratified to receive $4,708.00 as a charitable recipient of proceeds from the 2016 Lourdes Hospital Basket Raffle. Says Renee DePrato of Lourdes Public Relations, “We know you will put it to good use.”

BAE Employees

BAE Employees Memorial Golf Tournament Donation

Danielle House received $3,692.00 from the 7th Annual BAE Kerry White Memorial Golf Tournament. We are honored to once again be part of this touching gesture of remembrance. Thank you to all the “swingers” who participated in the tourney. We appreciate you.

Alex Whitney and Jennifer Coyle with Diane Stento

Alex Whitney and Jennifer Coyle with Diane Stento of Danielle House

As the charity partner for the 2016 Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce Bridge Run, Danielle House earned a double blessing with a check for $3,000 from the Chamber, and a surprise donation of his $500 prize from Alex Whitney, winner of the Half Marathon Men’s Overall. What a noble gesture for which Danielle House can only say “Thank you!” It was a gratifying experience to be part of the Bridge Run.

Danielle Memorial Golf Tournament

Every year some of Danielle’s high school friends host a golf tournament in her honor as a fundraiser for Danielle House. Thanks to such generous donors as Kennedy Valve, The Raymond Foundation, and M&T Bank Charitable Foundation, the donation this year was $3,208. We love you all for your ongoing charity to Danielle and continued support of Danielle House.

Gary’s U-Pull-It

Hosting the “Charity Car” program to benefit Danielle House, Gary’s U-Pull-It facilitated a total of $650 as patrons turned their cars into cash and donated the proceeds to our mission during 2016. To participate click on the website or make a quick call to Gary’s at 775-1900.

No-Shave November

Danielle House thanks Dan Rondeau and his business associates for participating in a “No-Shave” challenge that raised $600 for charity. We congratulate your success, guys!

Lampy’s Guest Bartender

Danielle House salutes Tammy Pipher and Victoria Klopman-Tunis for donating a total of $453 from their tip jar as Guest Bartenders at Lampy’s in the Spring of 2016. Cheers, gals!

BHS Golf Team

BHS Golf Team

The Binghamton High School Golf Team with coach, Jorie Ftorek, visited Danielle House during the holidays to bring us the $425 proceeds from their fundraiser. How wonderful to see youthful exuberance for a good cause.

Elizabeth Rounds Inc.

Elizabeth Rounds Inc.

Raising $400 from her “Party with a Purpose”, Elizabeth Rounds thoughtfully donated the proceeds to Danielle House. Many thanks!

GTR Associates

The Gates family donated $246, a portion of proceeds from their candy vending machines, to Danielle House during 2016. How sweet it is!

Doug’s Fish Fry

Every little bit helps, and thanks to the community’s appetite for fine food and a little assist from Raymour & Flanagan, we earned $128 through an event with Doug’s Fish Fry.

Lollipop Kids

Also during 2016, high school students Emma Haley and Megan Levasseur had a sweet idea: sell lollipops and donate the proceeds to charity. This 2016 fundraiser netted $58 for Danielle House. Keep up the good work, girls.

$1.00 - $100

Dr. & Mrs. Moufid Abdo
Barbara Abissi & Michael Manahan
David Abrams
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent D. Ackerman
Thomas and Lori Adams
John and Angela Aebli
Mr. and Mrs. Ferris Akel
Ronald M. and Elizabeth Akel
Angela Albertus
Diane Allard
Henry Amanto
JoAnn Amedeo
Susie Andreatta
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Andrejko
Marsha Andrews
Richard and Jeanette Annunziata
Mr and Mrs Donald O. Anstrom
Anthony's Service Station
Apalachin United Methodist Women
Mr. and Mrs. William Armstrong
Joe and Diane Aurelio
Col. and Mrs. Noel F. Austin
Thomas C. Babcock
Sharon Backus
Joyce and Lynn Bailey
Richard and Helen Bailey
James and Gail Baker
Jennifer Balchikonis
Charlie and Jan Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Barniak
Phyllis Bartlett
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barton
Shirley Barton
Chris and Christian Bartus
Anthony Basti
Tami Beach, Indulgence Salon
Gregory and Darcy Beagell
David A. Beers
David Begeal
Robert and Jennifer Beidler
Carol Bell
Michael Belz
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Benko
Chris and Wendy Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Mary Benz
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Beurket
Giacomo Bevacqua
Sr. Mary Anne Bigos
Rita Bitner
Lori and Michael Blazavich
Seth and Nancy Blood
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Blythe
Mr and Mrs Joseph Boardman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Bobal
Carol Botting
Eric and Susan Lawson Bowman
Shirley Bowser
Ms. Maureen E. Bradley
Cindy and Vincent Brigagliano
Eugene and Sandra Briggs
Bill and Pam Brodsky
Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Brooks
Susan Brown
Therese Brown
James Bryk
Bob and Jean Buchanan
Thomas and Marianne Buddie
Danielle Bulger
Nick and Meredith Bullock
William and Deborah Burke
Ellen A. Burns
Kevin Burns
Melvin and Donna Burr
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Burtis, Jr.
Barbara Bush
Donna Butash
Debra Butler
Nancy E. Button
Dr. Alan Cadkin
Donald and Mary Jo Calebaugh
Kathleen Calistri
Thomas and Beverly Calistri
Nicholas Camarata
Nicholas Camarata
Nancy Campbell
Susan Campbell
Kaitlin Cangro
Iesha Canty
Christopher Caouette
Connie Capani
Angelo and Jean Carboni
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Carey
Dale and Patricia Carmichael
Donna Carpenetti
Maeve Carpenter
John Carrington
Ms. Rachelle Carroll
John and Alberta Casey
John Castelli
Alice L. Cavanagh
Gerald and Judith Cavanaugh
Joyce Cerio
Ms. Mary Ann Cerretani
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cerutti
Mr. and Mrs. John Chadwick
Joan R. Chambers
Charity Choice Corporate Gifts
Youssef Chebabi
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett S. Christensen
Suzanne Chudachek
City of Binghamton Democratic Committee
Lisa Clark
Eugene and Jenell Clayton
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Coffey
Daniel and Arlene Cole
Georgia Coleman
Chumsky and Collins, CPA
Sally A. Comfort
Sarah Comfort
Bob and Sherry Congdon
Francine Connerton
Mr. and Mrs. David Constantine
Roger and Johann Conte
David Cooley
Nancy Coon/Michael DiLuzio
William and Karen Cooper
Adrienne Corprew
Leon E. Cosler
Mr. and Mrs. B. Patrick Costello
Phyllis Coughman
Robert Coutant
Joan M. Covert
James Cox
Lucinda Cox
Debby and Jim Coyle
Ann C. Crandall
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crandell
Kathy Creson
Nick Crispino
Judith L. Cunning
Dennis and Diane Curley
George and Michelle Curley
Michael and Marcia Curley
Mr. and Mrs. Martin P. Curtin, Jr.
Thomas and Joan Dadey
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. D'Amigo
John and Janet Davie
Terrance A Davis/Elaine A Odland
David and Myrtle Davisson
Jennifer D. Day
Nick and Jane De Rensis
Jenny DeAngelo
Maureen Dedrick
Gerry and Lisa DeFusio
Richard and Sandra Del Favero
William and Heather DeLorme
Donna DeLucca
Mr and Mrs Vincent F. DeNinis
Nicole Dennis
Ms. Marie DeRitis
Ms. Anna DeRosa
Mr and Mrs Edward DeRosia
Sherry Derr
Ardyce DeSalvatore
Lucia DeSanctis
Carol D'Esti
Domenica DeVincentis
Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. DiBenedetto
Mr. and Mrs. Americo DiCamillo, Jr.
Donna Dillingham
Mary Dimke
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Dimmick
Betty Dinneen
Debra Dixon
Mary Dopko
John Dora
Julia Dubose
James and Judy Ducey
John Ducey and Mary Vaughan
Dunkin Donuts (Apalachin)
Joan DuPlessis
Elizabeth M. Durkot
Judith Dutcher
Ms. Elizabeth Earley
Eastern Temporaries
Cindy Eastman
Gay Edelman
Shannon Edmondson
Beverly P. Edwards
R. Mark Ellington
Anita Ellis
Rodney and Gwen Engel
Sadie Engle
Dr. Joan A Englehart
Nicolene English
Edward and Barbara Evans
Fairview United Methodist Women
Steve Falvo
Familii Filipino-Americans in Long Island
Marilynn Fanto
James Farda
Barbara Farley
Thomas and Patricia Farneti
Daniel Farrell
James and Susan Farrell
Tina Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Feather
Ronald and Lois Felter
Mary A. Fiacco
Vince and Vicki Fiacco
Matthew and Patricia Fiato
Daniel Fiedler
Marcia Field
Bethany Finch
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Finch
Mary Louise Fiordalice
Richard and Mary Firsching
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Fitch, Jr.
Katherine Fitzgerald
L. Michael Foley
Mr. Richard Foley
Wendi Folli
Delores Forno
Mary Jane Fox
Nancy Fox
Roseanne Frederico
Gary and Suzanne Freed
Joan Frey
Samantha Frieser
Ann Frost
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Fusco
Jessica Gabriel
Donna Gage
Kendra Gahagan
Terence and Wendi Gallagher
Carol L. Gance
Joe Garbarino
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Garris Jr.
Michelle Garrity
Law Office of Carman M. Garufi
David Gatje
Mr. and Mrs. David Gdovin
Johnnie and Donna Bond George

Donna Giannoccaro
Gina Giblin, Letter Perfect
Kathleen A. Giblin
Ms. Mary Giblin
Mary Ann Giblin
Robert and Patricia Giblin
Anthony Gilardi
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Glinka
Denis and Marian Goldsmith
Kevin Wahl and Kami Gould
David and Deborah Gouldin
Debby Gouvakis
Mary Beth Grace
Richard J. Grace, Esq.
Kathleen Graf
Greater Binghamton Association of Realtors, Inc.
Richard and Linda Greco
Ken Greemon
Daniel and Cindy Gregoris
Timothy M. Grippen
Jackie Guillon
James and Carol Guiton
Ms. Elaine Habla
Emma Haley
Mark and Carol Hall
Sally A. Hanifin
Mr. and Mrs. Terence P. Hanifin
Katharine Hankin
Michael Hankin
Gary and Connie Harding
Mary L. Harris
Harris Assembly Group
Deborah Hart
Jean Marie Haskell
Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Hatala
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Hathaway
Steven and Andrea Hatzinger
George and Joan Hays
Ms. Katherine Healy
Mary M. Heffern
Fred and Patricia Heisler
Richard Hess
Lakeside Campground, The Hetheringtons
Hibernian Parade Committee
Eve Hilsher
Frank Hilsher
John and Sally Hilsher, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Hlopko
Ted and Valerie Hoffman
Betty Hollenbeck
Steve Hoover
Maryann Houlihan
Richard and Jocelyn Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Howard
Michele Howgate
Marty Hoyt
John and Nikki Hrustich
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Huff
Jennifer Hunt
Rex and Beverly Hurlburt
Gary and Patricia Husband
Tom Husnay
Chris Hutchings
Sue Hutchings
i3 Cable & Harness
Beverline Iacovelli
Mr. Iannuzzi
IBEW Local Union #325
Italian American Community Center
Barry and Linda Ives
Carmen Jacks
Richard and Nancy Jackson
Richard and Marge Jacobs
Richard G. James
Carol J. Jenks
Monica Jensen
Ms. Margaret Johnson
Randy & Joy Johnson
Sandra Johnson
Douglas Jones/Theresa Haines
Matthew and Suzanne Jones
Thomas and Sharon Jones
Alice C. Judge
Paul and Joyce Kallfelz
Judy Kamishlian
Maura Kammerman
Gerald A. Kane
Ms. Evelyn Katusak
Thomas Keenan
George and Christine Keiser
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Kelley
Richard and Barbara Kelley
John and Maureen Kelly
Robert J. Kelly
Steve Ketchoyan
Mr. and Mrs. Shamsul Khan
Timothy and Jennifer Kilpatrick
Younggi and Jennifer Kim
Michael and Lisa Kincer
Kiwanis Club of Broome County
Rosemarie Kleitz, A Balloon Affair
Jerry and Diane Kline
Chenango Bridge United Methodist Church, Knitting for the Lord
Daniel Knudsen
Ms. Lorna Koberlein
Fr Francis W. Kocik
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Koehler
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Korchak
Marianne Korchak/Kathy Macri
Jon Kosick
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kosydar
Jason and Carrie Kowalczyk
Ms. Nancy C. Krager
Eric Kretzmer
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kristek, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kucera-Eksteen
Ms. Barbara Kuklis
Don and Ann Kumpon
Roseann Kuryla
Linda LaBiosa
Doris Lainhart
Jim and Barb Lake
William and Beverly Lane
Sally Lange
John and Katherine Langley
Frances Lanuti
Mary Lazoration
Diane Leard
Craig and Lynette Ledder
Alli Lee
Constance Legos
Mr. and Mrs. David and Sally Leri
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Lewis
Janis Liepins
Cameron Lints
Kirk and Connie Lippincott
Micah Lissy
Little White Church Ladies Mission Society
Keith Littlejohn
Jeffrey and Ani Loew
May Lombardi
JoAnne Longo
David W. Lott
Suzanne Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lutchko
D. Mark and Christine Macgargle
Daniel and Sandy Maciak
Thomas and Carmine MacKenzie
Ms. Edna Madzy
John Maerkl
Cathy Maguire
Susan Maguire
Donna Malarkey
Rick Malarkey
Peter Malejs
Mrs. Dorothy Manni
Helene Manning
John and Caryl Mannino
Harris and Geraldine Manwarren
Mr. and Mrs. Berardino Marcello
Debra Marcello
Debra Marcus
Mr. Marty Margerhio
Maria Marley Massage
Ron and Rosemary Markoff
Mary Marrer
Joseph and Dolores Marrongelli
Alexis Marsters
Robert and Barbara Martin
Rosemary J. Martin
Lynn Martone
Bernard and Sharon Massar
Jerry and Elizabeth Masters
Joe and Gloria Masters
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Masters
Peter and Shirley Mastro
Richard Mastro and JulieAnn Goodrich
Ms. Grace Mastrogiacomo
Ms. Kathleen Mastrogiacomo
Mr. and Mrs. David Mastronardi
Barbara Matejka & Jack Chlopecki
Mrs. James Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Matthews
M/Mrs. Robert Matthews
Thomas McAvoy
Mary Ellen McCane
Jerome W. McCarthy
Shirley A. McCormack
Mr. Kevin McCormick
Heidi McGlory
Marilynn L. McGowan
Melissa McGuire
John and Judy McHale
Maria McIver
Eileen McKan
Kelly McLaughlin
Mr.and Mrs. Daniel McManus
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. McManus
Jill McMeekin
Ms. Carol J. McMurray
Joe and Linda Mead
Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Meaney
Martin and Ann Meehan
Pamela Sue Meek
Rosemarie Meyer
Lori Meyers
Mrs. Mary Micalizzi
Joanne Michael
Mrs. Shirley Milasi
Anita Miller
Catherine Miller
Judge Richard and Dr. Julia Miller II
Sherry Miller
Cheryle L. Miluszewicus
Jean M. Mincolla and Vic Fontaine
Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Montesano
Jerry and Eleanor Montonya
Sung and Carolyn Moon
Louis and Jane Moretin
Sharon Dyer and G. Moscatelli
Raymond and Mary Munetz
Thomas and Therese Muscatello
Stephen and Aileen Musselman
Tim and Kim Myers
Mr. Henry A. Nanni
Nick and Carolyn Nanni
Mr. and Mrs. Adam W. Nanni, Jr.
Katherine Nauseef
Daniel and Gloria Naylor
David and Mia Neely
Kate Newcomb
Mr and Mrs William H. Newland
Clara Newton
Madelyn L. Nichols
Nimmonsburg United Methodist Women
Jean Ann Noe
Jim and Lisa Norris
Richard Norris
Michael & Roann Jo Nowark
Oakdale Kiwanis Foundation
Keith and Roxie Oberg
Mr. and Mrs. James O'Connor

Mary Ann O'Hara and Family
Mr. and Mrs. William Oliver
Mary Ann Ondrako
Kevin D. O'Neil
Mr. and Mrs. Steve O'Neil
Julianne Orband
Jim Ormezzano
Linda Orwig
George Osgood
Marie Osick
Evelyn Pachner
Daniel Paddick
John and Colleen Paddock
Merida Padro
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Paoletti
Joseph Paoletti
Dee and Sam Parisi
Parisi's Lawn Land & Aquascapes
Ric Parisi
Gerald and Marion Parker
Don Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Peirano
Nancy Pennell
John and Vicki Perricone
Patricia & Kristin Persley
Arlene Peters
Elizabeth Peters
Linda Peters
Mike Peters
Carole Phillips
Luciano Piccirilli
Ron Pickett
Raymond and Diane Pierson
Frank and Tobey Pietrini
Mrs. Betty E. Pirozzi
Mario A. Pirozzi and Andrea Kent
John H. Pletl
Amanda Policare
Mr. and Mrs. Randall P. Pope
Jessilee Portelli
Todd Possamato
Tom and Arlene Powell
Jodi Powers
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Purdy
Lynn and Laurie Purnell
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Putano
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Quinnan
Jamie Rackl
Michael and Mary Lou Raykovicz
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Raymond
Patrick Raymond, Esq
Lenore Redolphy
Patricia Reed
Diane Reynolds
Joanne Richards
Ricoh USA
Celeste Ridler
Lucille Rinebold
Antanette Rivera
Tarika Rivera
Blanche Robbins
Lucretia Roberts
Vivian R. Robilotto
Rocco J. Testani, Inc
Ms. Patricia Roche
Ruth Roche
Margaret Roe
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Roe
Tom and Megann Rogers
Barbara Rohmann
Mr and Mrs Andrew Rokicsak
Bill and Denise Rondeau
Tim Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Rosenthal
Mr. James Rotella
Christine Rozek
Tony and Corrine Ruffo
Jean Marie Ryan
Ken and Kathleen Ryan
Marie Saccento
Dorothy Sack
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Salanger
Mohammed and Haseena Salim
Suzanne Salton
Teresa Saraceno
Jan and Tony Scarano
Mr. and Mrs. Randy S. Schepis
George Scherer/Margaret Strebel
Barry Schneider
Mrs. Marjorie Schreier
Don and Pat Schultes
Donna Schwartz
George and Heidi Schwartztrauber
Joseph Scotese
Bob and Peggy Scott
Mary Scott
Ms. Carol Scurry
Dywantie Seelall
Todd and Keren Seiler
Mrs. Rita Sejan
Mr. Nicholas G. Serafini, Jr.
Rose L. Serafini
Nicholas Setter
Seventh Ward Girls
Berma Shaver
Charles Shaw
Dolores Shaw
Donna Shaw
Rosemary Shea
Wes and Kara Shear
John Sherman
Maria Shimer
Gordon and Mary Shiner
Andrey Shipuk
Andrew and Nancy Shuman
Mary Siedlarczyk
David and Sally Simek
Robert and Mary Simon
Tom Sivak
Beverlay A. Skrocki
Morning Slayter
Nadine Sly
Julia Smartt
Joe and Kelly Smith
Kevin Smith Family
Larry and Vicky Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Snedden
Linda Snyder
Vincent Sorrentino
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Speicher
Lynn Spendley
Nicholas and Catherine Stamato
Ray and Nikki Stanton
Thomas Starke
Donald and Joyce Staub
Jeff & Peggy Steinberg
Maryann Stenta
Christopher and Joy Stento
Frank T. Stento
James D. Stento
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Stento
Maria Stento
Mark Stento
Mr. Rocco Stento
Angelo and Paula Stillittano
Mary E. Stoeckel
Fred Strauss
Nikki Strawn, Café West 46
Steven and Frances Strnatka
Leanne H. Strope
Ronald Sucher
Elaine Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Sullivan
Summit Dental Arts, PC
Mrs. Mary Surowka
Tim Surowka
Dennis and Carol Swawola
Bruce and Cheryl Swift
Kimberly Swisher
Michael Szeliga and Judith Ghosin
Norma Tallon
Lennie Talton
Donald and Melanie Tanacredi
Brian and Kathleen Tanton
Colleen Tanton
Gary and Pat Taormino
St. Francis of Assisi, Rev. Timothy Taugher
Mary Louise Taylor
Frank Taylor & Kristen Quiter
Anthony Testani
Edward W. Testani
Joseph A. Testani
Michael and Cindy Thomas
Robert Thomas
Nella Thompson
Theresa Thorne
Tom and Michelle Thornton
Rebecca Tiberi
Bennie and Anita Tino
Ms. Mary Tirrell
Tomahawk Presbyterian Church
William J. and Leona Tomancik, Sr.
Betty Jane Tompkins
Christina Torto
Alan Trager
Albert Tricomi
Jim and Marie Truillo
Alyssa Tye
Mary Margaret Urda
Mrs. Lena Valada
Kristine R. Valashinas
Michael Valentino
Agatina Vallone
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Vallone
Mari Jo Vallone
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Van Gorder
Corey Van Kuren
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. VanTassel
Archie VanVolkinburg
Megan VanVolkinburg
John and Emma Varcoe
Joe and Connie Varsik
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Vaughan
Anthony and Sandy Vavalle
Vestal Center United Methodist Church Women
Mike Vinsevich
William and Florence Vrabel
Heidi Wagner
Teddy Walburn
Rosemary Walikis
Mr. James Walsh
Jim and Joan Walsh
Sylvia Walsh Consulting
John Warren
Kathleen A. Washak
Jeffrey Wassel
John and Lucille Weaver
Eric and Laura Webster
Jay and Kaye Weidman
John and Diane Weld
West Corners Lioness Club
Kevin and Roberta Westfall
Carolyn Wheeler
Mark Wheeler
Jennifer Whitchurch
Bruce and Kelly White
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Whitney
Neide Whitney
Shirley Wilkins
Gary and Naomi Willard
Myrtle Williams
David Wingate
Michelle Winsor
Carl Winterberger
Jennifer Jones Wise
Nancy Witter
Women of the Moose Horseheads Chapter 1832
Mr. and Mrs. Terry R. Wood
Dick and Pat Woodruff
John and Kathy Yannuzzi
Josephine L. Zabala
Robert Zeigler
Angela Zevan

$101 - $250

Horace Albaugh
Susan Albero
Natalie Andrejko
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Andrew
Joe and Mary Aviles
Konrad Bach
Women's Abruzzese Club Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Barkwell
Ms. Jacqueline Basti
Robert E. and Jeanne Baxter
Deborah Beach
Bob and Sherrill Becker
Tom and Lynn Bolles
Ms. Donna Bryan
Ms. Christine Bryk
Milton and Reta Bublinec
David Buchanan and Joanna O'Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Burritt
Mary Lou Bush
Ken and Katherine Carney
Mr. and Mrs. Kendall F. Chase
Miko and Colleen Chavchavadze
Christine Chesnick
John and Suzanne Clark
Mr. Rick Cole
Ruth Cole
Constance Collins
Roberta Colonna and Ed Dailey
Karen Comfort
Tom and Wendy Connelly
Kathleen Constable & Patrick Downey
Coughlin & Gerhart, L.L.P.
Marie Coutu
Mr. John Croucher
Donald and Marie Culkin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Curley
Mary Dahn
Mr. Michael D'Amigo
Deborah Daniels
Kirk and Tiny Darville
Lawrence E. and Megan D. Davis
Forrest and Julie Nelson Day
James and Diane Dellureficio
Christoper and Callie Demtrak
Yan Depew
Thomas and Diane DePue
Dawn DeRosa
Katherine Dlugolonski
John and Sharon Donlin
Dougs Fish Fry, Bruench Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. James Dunne
Mary Ellen Dye
Douglas Earl
Elizabeth Church Manor
Rita Emilio
Endwell United Methodist Church
Carol Engel-Mason
Anita J. Evans
Mr and Mrs Kenneth A Evans
Anthony Fiacco
Robert Finkler
George Foster
Lynn Frehsee
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Gahagan
Helen M. Galligan and Bea Jones
Shana Gamble
Stephen and Linda Gardner
Dan and Karen Gates, GTR Associates

Alex Mazurais and Joyce Gaydos
Fred Gelfand
Richard and Cass Gillespie
Ms. Patricia Glazier
Martha Glover
Brian Grace
Beverly Greer
Rodney Greer
Dennis and Kathy Gregory
Linda Grogan
Karen Grosso
Ms. Mary Guilfoyle
Rich and Mary Halecki
Morris and Carla Hamilton
Holly Hamm
Gail Harlec
Joan Homovich/Donna Triede
Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Horbert, Jr.
Cathy House
Carol Hutter
IBM Retiree Charitable Campaign
Rose Ingraham
Barb Insalaco
Kay Isleib
Ms. Debra A. Jackson
Michael C. and Dona Jasiak
Sharon Keeney
Kennedy Valve
Ann Marie Kilmer
Martin T. Kilmer
Robert Kilmer
Brad and Jade Bryant
Ms. Nancy Kleinsmith
Victoria Klopman-Tunis
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Knickerbocker
Mabel Kocan
Barry and Bernadette Koffman
Gary and Kathy Kramer
Linda S. LaDue
Andrew and Mary Lake
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lakeman
Hon. Mary Anne Lehmann
Nick Libous
Joseph and Elizabeth Lomonaco
Rosemary Lomonaco
Richard and Diane Long
Lourdes Primary Care Associates (Endicott)
Mr. and Mrs. James Manni
Thomas Marcello
Russ Margolius
Shirley Markatos
James Mason and Carol Engel Mason
Ms. Mary M. McCarthy
Mrs. Catherine McGrath
Mary McIntyre
John and Josephine Miles
James and Petre Ann Mondolfi
Douglas Monsour
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Morrissey
Marold Mastin Murray
Paul and Virginia Nanni
Abe and Shari Nichols
Theresa Nichols
Ann and Frank Nicosia
Mr. and Mrs. James R. O'Brien
Ms. Mary O'Keefe
Frank and Barbara O'Reilly
Scout Orr
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. O'Shea
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin W. Palmer IV

Royce Parker
Dan Pascucci
Mary Terese Pasquale/David Bowen
Mr. and Mrs. Randy W. Patinka
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Peeters
Peranich & Shelp Construction
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Petrovsky
William E. and Suzanne Phillips
Cristin Plourde
Bonnie and Loren Puterbaugh
Dianne and Michael Quain
Ann Marie Raymond
William and Kathi Reardon
Laurie Reavis
Mary Lou Regulski
Thomas and Faye Ribble
Paul and Barbara Ripic, Sr.
Helen Rockefeller
Jerry and Terry Rogers
Judy Roma
Charles and Doreen Rowe
Frank and Kathleen Rumpel
Rita and Denise Russin
Sheila Schmidt
Diane Scott
Robert and Margie Sedor
Ken Shaw
Joyce Sherba
Steven Shimer
Susan Shor
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Smith
Brenda Snyder
Southern Tier CSEA Local #002
Deborah Spanfelner
Ed and Karen Spellman
St. Ann's Episcopal Church
St. Patrick's Catholic Church
Martin and Stacey Stack
Philip and Bonnie Stenglein
Norina Stenta
Mrs. Diane Stento
Frank S. and Jackie Stento
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Stillittano
Frank Surdey
Mary S. Tanner
John and Carleen Taylor
Blake & Gail Thalacker
The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Jon D. Tyler
United Way of Broome County, Inc.
Joe Vecchi
Katherine Vladescu
Christine Wahlgren
Maureen Walsh
Carolyn Washor
Cheryl A. Weeks
Whittemore Hill United Methodist Church Women
Lawrence and Annette Wiesner
Ronald and Dana Wiggins
Laurel Wilson
Barbara Wimbury
John Wright, Sr.
Don and Jo Ann Yannuzzi
Sylvy Yevchinecz
Mark Yonaty
Carl and Sil Young
Mr. and Mrs. M. Bashar Yousuf
Whitney Zimmerman

$251 - $500

Senator Fred Akshar
Steve and Rita Andrew
Saeed and Zakira Bajwa
Rosemarie Bartus
Robert and Rosemary Baxter
Shane and Sara Biggar
Bruce and Cheryl Boyea
Broome County Family Court
Larry Brown
Charles and Sarah Campbell
Susan Caporali
Michael D. Constantine
Kathy L. Crandall
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Dake, Sr.
Anthony J. D'Aristotile
Salvatore DelVillano
Frederick F. DeRado, Jr.
Donna Di Stefano
Florence Drotar
Duke Energy Foundation Matching Gifts
Elizabeth Rounds Inc.
Ms. M. Patricia Evans
Diane Faherty
James Ferranti, Jr.
First Niagara Bank, N.A.
Mark and Christine Fisher

Ted Forbidussi (dec)
Jorie Ftorek
Terry Gallagher, Gallagher & Tompkins PC
William Galloway
Gary's U-Pull It, Inc., Steve Barkwell
George Harmening
Geoffrey Harris
Kellie Harrison
Harvey and Elizabeth Shriber Charitable Foundation
Hatala Orthodontics, P.C., Mark Hatala, D.D. S.
Michael and Sheryl Head
Hinman, Howard & Kattell, LLP
Dr. and Mrs. Randy Holly
Jeffrey and Susan Huffcut
Rick and Maggie Jensen
Candace Jones and Mark DeNovellis
Nancy Jones
Dr. Lawrence Kerr & Dr. Cheryl Kerr
Joseph F. Kilmer
Debbie LaForce
Randy and Trudy Lainhart
Elsie Logan
Dr. Charles Campbell, Lourdes Cardiology
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Matthews, Jr.
Robert Mullican

Rob and Sarah Neff
Albert and Carol Pellicciotti
Elaine D. Pierson
Tammy Pipher
Judith Prine
RBC Foundation - USA
Rogers Service Group
Dawn Ross
Hyman and Louise Rubin
Lillian Sanders
Jamie Schuerch, Turnkey Control Solutions, Inc.
Philipp Schuessler
John Sharak, Jr.
Robert and Daneille Skrabalak
Larry and Janet Stone
Thomas and Kathleen Surowka
Brad Tanton
Community Foundation For South Central New York, Inc.
Thomas J. Shea Funeral Home
UHS Community Relations Unit
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Walsh
Troy and Nichole Williams
William J. Wilson
Kirsten Young

501 - $1,000

Anthony Annese
Gregory Austin
BAE Systems
Binghamton Senators Hockey Club
Dr. Janet M. Bowles
Akram Chaudhry
Steven and Danielle Donlin
Jane Ehrich
T.J. Ehrich
Francis and Linda Grillo

Groundwater Sciences Corp.
Haun Welding Supply
Michael and Lee Ellen Hollenbeck
Janet Hurdum
Joe and Rita Huse
F. P. Kane Construction Inc
Robin Kinslow-Evans
Terri Kirshner
Ladies Auxiliary Vestal #4746 Knights of Columbus
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Matthews, Jr.

Josiah and Suzanne Pearson
PJ & Palmina Casella Foundation
Dan and Marci Rondeau
Robert Schweitzer & Andrea LoPresti
Mr. and Mrs. John T.Skutnik
Visions Federal Credit Union
Lowell Taylor, Jr.
The M&T Charitable Foundation
UHS Wilson Cardiac Care Unit
Brian & Cathlene Whitney & Family

$1,001 - $5,000

Mr. and Mrs. George Akel
Lockheed Martin Employees Charities
BAE Memorial Golf Tourn for Kerry White
John Benson & Sandy Wallace
Dr. Gary Bigsby & Nadine Shields
Chenango United Way

Foot Care Center, Darren Weinheimer
Janet C. Frankovsky
Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Heichemer
IBM Employee Services Center

Jody Keegan
The Jewelry Shop
Raymond Foundation
Tia Risor
Silvestri & Comfort Family Dentistry

Over $5,000

Mr. Michael Appley
Mr. and Mrs. D. Vincent Cherrone
Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital

Francis T. Sheredy (Can & Bottle Drive)
The American Gift Fund
The Community Foundation serving Boulder County

Tioga Downs Casino
Triad Foundation

In Kind

Ms. Edna Madzy
Jim and Shirley Nugent
Mr. Michael D'Amigo
Maureen Walsh
Ms. Jacqueline Basti
Ms. Mary Ann Cerretani
Ms. Anna DeRosa
Blanche Robbins
Richard and Cass Gillespie
Richard and Cass Gillespie
Ms. Debra A. Jackson
Wild Birds Unlimited
Comfort and Sons Jewelers
The Beef Restaurant and Pub
Diane Scott
Dr. Gary Bigsby & Nadine Shields
Charles and Sarah Campbell
Ruth O'Lill
BC Sheriff's Benevolence Fund
Mrs. Diane Stento
Mrs. Diane Stento
Bill and Pam Brodsky
Equinox Broadcasting
Moxie Wood Fire Grill
Aria On The Avenue
Kraig Brigham, Jr., Brigham Builders
Anthony Brunelli
Cafe 46
NAC Entertainment
Syracuse University Athletics
Ronald and Catherine McKan
Lowell Taylor, Jr.
Dee and Sam Parisi
Warehouse Carpet Outlet
Little Venice Restaurant
Cider Mill Playhouse
Traditions at the Glen
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Beach
Boscov's Dept Store
Whittemore Hill United Methodist Church Women
Bob Carr 2.0 Printing and Mailing
Willow Run Foods, Inc.

Mary Lake
Dennis and Nancy Earl
Rosemarie Kleitz
Ann Nanni Lockett
Zinnia Salon
Martin T. Kilmer
Gennarelli Flower Shop, Attn: Vicky Paoletti
Binghamton University Athletic Department
Brother's 2
Number 5 Restaurant
Carole Phillips
Shirley Wilkins
Marsha Andrews
Sadie Engle
Jane Ehrich
Joe and Connie Varsik
Olum's Furniture, Attn: Marketing Director Andrea
Shafer's Tour and Charter
The Jewelry Shop
Jacqueline Tedesco
Jim and Marie Truillo
Little White Church Ladies Mission Society
Carolyn Appley
Mr.and Mrs. Daniel McManus
Kurt Van Zandbergen
Ellis Bros. Fine Home Furnishings
Louis and Jane Moretin
Riley Maintenance Systems, Inc.
Michael and Sheryl Head
Megan VanVolkinburg
T.J. Ehrich
Debbie LaForce
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Matthews, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Vaughan
Michael and Lee Ellen Hollenbeck
Tina Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Walsh
The Spa at Traditions LLC
Kiwanis Club of Broome County
Deborah Beach
Baked by Camille
Joan Farrell

Rudolph and Della Wozniak
Knead Relief
Jon Kosick
Michaels Craft Store
Frances Manni
Binghamton Country Club
Michael D. Constantine
Van Cott Jewelers
Elizabeth Shoes
The Cider Mill
Silvestri&Comfort Family Dentistry
Association for Visual Rehabilitation and Employment, Inc.
Bill Bandera
Brandy & Shianne Engel
Rose Ingraham
Steven and Danielle Donlin
Peter Moschak
Pantheon Restaurant
Taylor Warner
Cindy Kendall
Kellie Harrison
Mary Lazoration
Yvonne Zeck
Joan Chambers
Carrie Dancesi
Courtyard Gifts
Salvatore DelVillano
Steve Jannen, Boscov's Optical
Party City
Phil's Gift Shop
Gary O'Neill
Sarah Rogers
Jennifer Mosher
Johnson City Police Dept
Daniel Marbecker, Sunset Greetings
enJoy Encores
Margaret Ann Miller
Bill and Pam Brodsky
Price Chopper's Golub Foundation