Guest Stories

A Binghamton University student from China was critically injured in an automobile accident this spring. His parents were called and told of this tragedy. I can only imagine what it had to be like for his family, being so far away. It took two weeks for them to be able to get here, having to obtain visas and all. The Danielle House was called by Binghamton University staff to see if we could help the family once they arrived. We were truly honored and blessed by their presence. Yunlong not only survived but plans on returning to Binghamton University for the fall semester.

The family stayed with us for over a month while Yunlong recovered. During their last week at the Danielle House, he actually resided here with his parents. The week was filled with celebration, including a luncheon prepared for the staff by Yunlong’s father, Mr. Zhao. Danielle joined us and even listened to healing prayers from a lama in China via phone. Technology is amazing!

Translation of a poem written for us by one of Yunlong’s family members

Dad cooks up a storm

Mom serves up

Yunlong and family with Diane and Danielle