Guest Comments

Dearest Diane and Staff,
You were sent by God and put on this earth as Angels. Our family will forever be grateful for all the kindness you have showered on us in such a difficult time. I don’t have much cash and the check book is at home, but please accept this meager donation as only the first. As you can see by this letterhead, my dad is a charitable person who brought us up with his ideals. We also believe in paying it forward and want to help you continue what you do for others. There are no words to tell you what your kindness and support have meant. My dad would have been awed at what you do for people here and would have donated as well. I am taking a pamphlet home and wish to send another in his memory.

God bless you all, and especially Danielle.
Venice, FL

Guests from Florida stop by for a visit with Diane and Danielle

As we are from New Jersey and my husband had a stroke and was hospitalized, your house was a real blessing to me. I thank all the staff and volunteers that I had a place to come to at the end of the day for comfortable room and peaceful relaxation. Thank you also for the delicious soups. God bless you all!

Little Ferry, NJ

Diane and volunteer Elizabeth Quinn (right) enjoy a West African lunch with guests from Togo and Turkey

The gift of Hospitality makes God smile. To take weary, heart worn travelers in, to show them love, feed them, give them a spotless place to lay their heads in times of adversity is God’s work. The Danielle House epitomizes that gift.

Matthew Chapter 25 - "When people gather together in one house, share each other’s load with a kind word and a loving heart, the load gets lighter. Thank you for your heart, your smiles and your love."

God bless you all,
Hancock, NY

“The Danielle House is a calming, tranquil treasure in a sea of insanity.”

“What a wonderful , peaceful place to spend the night after a difficult, stressful day.”